Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Paul

The Bay Area's erudite dance critic and wordsmith turned 60 today, and as evening fell he was feted in his cottage by old Rhodes scholar friends, university professors, neighbors, and fellow travelers from the dance world. His Berkeley digs have the feel of a cabin in the Humboldt County redwoods crossed with a bookish, slightly British bohemianism. Throw a little of the deep South in for good measure (Paul begins to drawl when he's self-conscious). But then that's Paul's trajectory: California, England, Mississippi.

Paul, we are waiting for your book.

If you haven't had occasion to read him, go to danceviewtimes where he's a frequent contributor, or San Francisco Magazine, where he's the resident dance writer. His essays on the SF Ballet are a paragon of the rich incisiveness that ballet writing can yet rarely does achieve.

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